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So if you know me… you know I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan.

It’s where my poster collection started, and you’ll notice that PJ gig posters make up a measurable piece of my collection. The wifey and I were able to make it out to the second night show this year, and of course… I was waiting for the poster reveal. Truthfully… while the posters were all cool… I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. I was really hoping to see a Klausen release for Chicago this year to put up matching my Klausen from 2016. UNFORTUNATELY… Klausen did the SEATLE shows which I DIDN”T buy because I decided to hold out and snipe Chicago live versions. ARGGGHhhhh… That being said… it wasn’t my favorite live show… but we had a good time… even in the rain. I ended up picking up the Paul Jackson and the AMES. The AMES reminds me a whole lot of the 2009 Ames I have from that show.
I’ll get the posters added to the gallery asap!



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