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Kake Gallery is a labor of a life time. For me, life started with music… my childhood filled with early memories of my parents singing and playing in the local church groups. As I grew a little older, I found myself wrapped up in my parents mix of folk music and “classic” rock and listening to LPs while flipping through the covers. Not to much after, I remember finding my dads guitar in my hands… and then piano lessons… and then a string bass… and then a tuba… and then… DRUMS.

Around 6th grade, I was gifted my first drum set, and this band called Pearl Jam started getting popular. My parents weren’t thrilled about either, but didn’t throw too much of a fight about either of them. Drums led to Marching Band, then Drum Corps, and then came real life.

Real life brought on a whole new world of creative influences and opportunities to explore all genres of music and performance, which eventually led me to an interest and then work in creative content publishing in audio production, then video production, and then eventually system engineering.

One day, in about 2006, before I left my career working for a major music chain, I walked into our office to find a fellow very close friend, drummer, mentor, and Pearl Jam fanatic frantically surfing our snail speed internet connection and asking me to do the same. He was stalking a sale on Artillery Design and knew that sell out was imminent. I fell immediately in love with the artwork of Brad Klausen. Having a familiarity and appreciation of artistic manufacturing process through my already decades old love affair with vinyl records, my attraction to the screen printing process and my growing collection were both head over heels from the start. Before long, Pearl Jam print collections became rock print collections then became movie prints and table books…. leading to this very spot here now. I established Kake Multimedia in 2013 with a dream of bringing my business experience and my passion for creativity together. Welcome to the next episode.

My goals for THE KAKE GALLERY are the following in no particular order:

  • To create a place that features work from talented artists that myself and the gallery curation team find to be awesome.
  • To represent and bring attention to as many mediums of FINE ART as possible.
  • To put art and music to work to create revenue streams for great causes that mean something to me and the curation team.
  • To create a marketplace for aspiring artists and musicians.
  • To create a resource for artists, collectors, musicians, and creatives in general to collaborate and discuss the topics they enjoy.
  • To create an archive of information supported and verified by an audience of passionate humans.
  • To bring beauty to the interwebz and feature the work of the lovely talented people I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with along the way

Thank you for visiting.
KAKE GALLERY Founder and Head Curator