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The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps

The Cavaliers were founded in 1948, as the drum and bugle corps for Boy Scout Troop 111 in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Their growing reputation as one of the best of Chicago’s neighborhood drum corps soon led the boys in the troop to reorganize themselves as a standalone operation, borrowing their name and logo from a brand of then-popular cigarettes, and choosing their colors of green, black, and white – a name, logo, and color scheme that have part of the corps history ever since. (learn more about the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps)

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The Cavalier Scholarship Auction

“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in all kinds of really exciting adventures in my lifetime, many of which have molded my musical and artistic taste. None of them have contributed to my character in the manner that participating as a member in this organization did. Now, in effort to pay back that experience I hope to continue to add pieces to the Kake Gallery collection to be auctioned off each year to support the dues of returning marching members. I look forward to more opportunities to meet current members of the corps, alumni, and participating in the support and growth of such an amazing organization! #SPLOOIE!”

Kevin Sender – Gallery FounderKake Gallery is very excited to grant the 2019 Kake Gallery Cavalier Scholarship to 2019’s Color Guard Captain, SETH SHARPE.

Seth has marched with the Cavaliers Colorguard since 2016 and will age out in 2019 as the guard sergeant. During the winter, he marched with Lexis in 2017 and The Pride of Cincinnati in 2018 and 2019. Seth was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana and is currently a senior at Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus studying Psychology. He will graduate in May before leaving for his AGE OUT season with the Cavaliers! Seth work’s on campus in the Office of Student Affairs, assisting with planning events on campus and any other office needs. He ALSO works with a company called Centerstone in group homes for adults that suffer from mental illness and substance abuse. After his age-out, he intends to move to Dayton, Ohio to be closer to the Pride of Cincinnati and to attend the Ohio State University to pursue a masters in Higher Education And Student Affairs.

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